Event: Building an Ecosystem for Growth with Hauke Stars, Member of the board, Deutsche Börse AG

At the 26th of September 2017, the Economic Council Germany in London is hosting – in collaboration with the Economic Council Germany – a roundtable discussion with Hauke Stars, member of the board Deutsche Börse AG, on the topic “Building an Ecosystem for Growth”.

Hauke Stars is a Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Börse AG. She manages the Cash Market, Pre-IPO & Growth Financing Division which handles the listing and exchange trading of equities, bonds and other securities, and drives innovative pre-IPO growth financing initiatives. From 2012 to 2015 she led the Information Technology and Market Data + Services Division and was instrumental in the modernisation of Deutsche Börse’s global IT infrastructure and the expan-sion of the market data business.

Corporate and growth financing are core tasks of exchange operators. In her lecture, Hauke Stars will point out how Deutsche Börse AG provides corporates access to investors and growth capital by providing new solutions ranging from the Deutsche Börse Venture Network and the stock mar-ket tier “Scale”. The main objective is to build – together with partners in the real economy, science and politics – an ecosystem which enables sustainable economic growth.

An invitation has been sent to the members of the Economic Council Germany in London, The Economic Council and friends. The number of participants is limited.